Rudy, was amazing!!! My neighbor and I were horrified about the entire THOUGHT of potential MOLD in our homes. We both had READ all kinda of reviews were people were being scammed by different companies so we prayed that we had made the right CHOICE. Yes, both of our PLACES had MOLD!!! Rudy, was very professional and knowledgeable about MOLD. He explained and answered all our questions before and after our results came back!!! This was VITAL to me because I NEEDED EXPERT ADVISE and someone I could trust to not take my money and run. He went above and beyond to make sure we understood our lab reports. The customer service I received was top of the line!!! I would definitely recommend DFW INSPECTOR’S for all your professional MOLD NEEDS. Thanks a million for your support and services. You guys ROCK!!!! FOREVER GRATEFUL.